How to write Schema Markup for featured snippets on Google Search

This is simple easy guide to getting into the Google featured snippets and improving brand awareness and free traffic to your website via the natural SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages)'.  The following 'how-to' will guide you through the process in several simple, straightforward steps.

Why its important to implement

Zero-click searches are growing, but it doesn't necessarily spell doom (there is hope).  Optimising content to appear in on-SERP elements like featured snippets, videos, and images can help grow your brand's voice.

Google's UK Click Through Rates 2018

Mobile: Organic: 32.42% Paid: 11.02% No Click: 56.56%

Desktop: Organic: 61.46% Paid: 6.80% No Click: 31.74%

Step 4

Add as many questions and answers as you need and feel reflective of the page you are adding the code snippet too.

Step 5

Now, this is when the fun begins. Copy the code snippet by pressing the blue icon in the top right of the code section where you have been inputting your FAQ's.

Step 5 conitinued

This will now add the required code to the clipboard of your device. Go to the HTML page that you would like to add the snippet. You may have a CMS like Wordpress (or something similar like GetKirby) go and log in and go to the desired page or post and paste it into the top of the text. Alternatively, if you don't use a CMS, FTP into your hosting account and edit the page desired. Again paste the code snippet into the page. Important note: The code is written in JSON-LD markup, so don't worry about it being displayed on the page when you look at it via your browser of choice.

Step 6

Firstly check the page that contains the added code by looking at the page using your browser and looking at source code of the page. (This can be done by right-clicking on the page (click where there is white space), this will bring a menu up, click on the source code option. You will now be presented the code that makes your page.

Step 6 continued

Search by looking for a question you have added. This can be done by pressing the buttons CMD/Control and the F button simultaneously). If you find one, all is well and you can move on to the next step. If not go back to the desired page and resubmit the code to the page. Look for the code again. Once found in the source code move on to the next step.

Step 7

We are nearly there: Login to your Google Search Console and navigate to 'URL inspection' in the left of the page. Once the page loads copy the full URL (address of the page) and hit enter. The tool will now check if the page is in its index. If or it isn't, just click the 'request indexing' button. Wait for a few minutes till the page is queued to be crawled. Google will now see the Schema data that we have entered.

Step 8

Go to Google and search for the questions you have added. Are you in the featured snippets? If not, check to see if your page has been cached since you have added the request to Google (if not wait a while and try step 8 again).